Hotel St. Regis - 3071 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48202

Wednesday, June 23rd—Thursday, June 24th, 2010

American Muslims for Palestine is facilitating the national convening of Students for Justice in Palestine chapters in the US. In the past decade, student activism on Palestine has grown exponentially, and continues to expand and intensify rapidly.  The convention is part of the Palestine Program of the US Social Forum, and as such hopes to facilitate student involvement with other social justice movements in the US, particularly campus and student organizers and campaigners.  This convention aims to be a convergence of the growing collaborative work across SJP chapters, strengthening our collective organizing, and offering each other support in local and campus political activism. It will be an interactive and dynamic conversation aimed at empowering and building capacities. Together, we can seed divestment on every campus, educate our fellow students, and build meaningful relationships with social justice movements across all our campuses.

Speakers include Hatem Bazian, Julia Salameh, and student representatives from university divestment campaigns across the country.

ALL SJP members are invited to attend this convention.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

11am – 2pm

Session One- Introduction to SJP work on campuses

a)   Forming an SJP and gathering support for your SJP

b)   Establishing points of unity

c)   Creative tactics for Palestine education on campus

d)   Solidarity with allies across social justice movements

e)   The matter of “dialogue”

f)    Setting goals and building long-term sustainability

3:30pm – 6:00 pm

Session Two- Raising Campus Awareness

a) Alliances and Solidarity-building

i. Establishing and initiating alliances with campus organizations and campaigns

ii. Key organizations and campaigns and “natural” allies

b) Sustaining a critical mass with:

i.      Student body

ii.      Board members, Faculty, staff, unionized workers

iii.      Alumni, graduate students, professionals

iv.      Local political and social establishment

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Session Three- Experiences in University Divestment

Student representatives will discuss the lessons learned, and ways forward in their divestment campaigns:

a)   Hampshire College

b)   University of Michigan-Dearborn

c)   University of California at Berkeley

d)   Evergreen State

e)   Brown University

f)    University of Arizona

g)   University of California-San Diego

2:30 – 5pm

Session Four- Launching BDS/divestment campaigns on campus

a) Strategies and tactics for shaping the campaign

i.      Preparations and structures for BDS organizing

ii.      Campus media access and utilization

b)               Strengthening and intensifying connections with student governments and unions

c) Building sustainable divestment campaign infrastructure

d)  Developing and implementing a research profile on university investments

Session Five- Establishing and Setting a National Calendar for SJPs

i.      National Coordinated Actions

ii.      Israeli Apartheid Week

iii.      National Support for Divestments

iv.      Expansion and solidifying of Students for Justice in Palestine-National

All SJP National Convention attendees should attend the Thursday, June 24th, 2010 evening plenary, 6:30-9pm at Cobo Hall, featuring Jamal Juma, BNC co-founder and Palestinian grassroots anti-apartheid wall leader, live from Palestine.

SJP members are strongly encouraged to attend workshops, PMAs, and other events throughout the US Social Forum when the Convention is not in session.  They should especially attend the People’s Movement Assembly on BDS on Friday, June 25th, from 1-5:30pm at Cobo Hall: O3-46. This will be the major session on BDS organizing nationally.

The Program Book for the US Social Forum can be seen here:

For access to any US Social Forum activities, all SJP attendees must register online at or onsite in Cobo Hall.

To register and for further questions:

Contact: Awad Hamdan,,  773.951.2020